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Our Story

CaptionLabs was born to develop a closed captioning solution that is fast, high quality and affordable. Each year, we caption thousands of hours of government meetings, television shows, webcasts, music videos, commercials and infomercials. After years of experience, we understand that one size does not fit all. That’s why we offer tailored services designed for the client’s individual needs, for organizations both big and small.

Our goal is to help make all forms of media accessible to all humanity, in every walk of life. We develop our own software, proprietary systems and processes, a practice which allows us to remain innovative and to stay at the head of the field.

Our captioning facility, known as “The Lab,” is located in Columbus, OH. Our dedicated team of professionals is focused on one goal – providing quick, seamless service for clients around the globe.

What we bring to the table:

    • Excellence and Accuracy
      We pride ourselves on it, and our excellent track record allows us to offer a satisfaction guarantee that makes our competition nervous.
    • Speed
      We aim to provide the best service and the fastest turnaround in the industry.
    • Service
      Service to others is how we got started, and that is just how we’ve be doing business ever since.



CaptionLabs made clients’ media more accessible through captioning and subtitling — offering fast turnaround, lower costs and 21-point quality assurance.


CaptionLabs went digital with eCaptioning. Using a proxy video, CaptionLabs could send a CC file to a client who would drop the captions into his own edit suite. More info.


HD captions allow viewers to change the appearance of the captions on their screen. Due to expensive encoding equipment, more clients relied on CaptionLabs. More info.


StationDrop simplified digital delivery to TV stations and replaced the need to ship tapes. No more shipping delays or lost packages! More info.

Our Team

Justin Howell

Justin is our StationDrop Manager. He is an Ohio University alum with media savvy. Justin is the one who gets your files where they need to go. On the weekends, you can find Justin working on his latest home renovation project, camping, or taking his dog, Dexter, to the park.

Chris Triplett

Chris is our project manager and the reason we can brag about the quality of our captions. An Ohio University alum, he isn't shy of high standards or quick turnarounds. Chris makes sure your project looks perfect every step of the way. Have a question about Star Wars canon? Chances are he has an answer for you.

Bianca Johnson

Bianca is our Client Relations Specialist. She knows her way around CaptionLabs and can help you find the right person. Bianca is a knitting wiz and plans to make the gents in the office knitted jeans.

Ben Kalb

Ben is a broadcast engineer and creator of StationDrop. With a longevity in the broadcast industry of over 20 years, Ben has experience with everything from 1” tape reels to completely file-based workflows. Recently, Ben has broken into the world of coffee. Ask him about his latest brew.

Adam Grover

Adam Grover is the CEO of CaptionLabs. He brought the company to life in 2005, with the goal of making media more accessible. While Adam is a visionary entrepreneur, he also understands the importance of client partnerships. He’s particularly proud of our client retention rate—which is near 100%. Adam still makes himself available to our customers whenever they call. That one-on-one approach, which we call our “Midwest Attitude” is still what sets us apart.

Our Turnaround

Streamlined Process
When You Just Can’t Wait

We turn out the best product in the least time, period. We specialize in a lightning-fast 24-hour turnaround. We use the best captioning engineers in the business and the coolest new technology to turn out a superior product far more quickly than our competitors. We shorten the lead-time by days by eliminating transit time. No more waiting while your tapes are sitting in a shipping bay in Duluth. With our e-captioning system, we’re able to transfer your files over the Internet. They may get to the office before you do tomorrow. Our 24-hour turnaround time is one more way we put the client first. Quick delivery, personal service and a flawless end result – you’ll find it all at CaptionLabs.

If that isn’t fast enough for you, ask us about our same-day service. We are honest-to-goodness just that fast.

Our Guarantee

Perfect Captions.
On time. Every time.


If you are not thrilled with our service, we don’t expect you to pay.


Believe it — any service you purchase from CaptionLabs will be just as we describe, on-time and as you requested. If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll refund 100% of every penny paid and pay our competitor to redo the project for you. How can you trust a company that stands behind terms and conditions rather than its products and services? Very simply, you can’t. That’s exactly why our unique 100% satisfaction guarantee makes our competition nervous. But that’s ok, we like to see them sweat. We wouldn’t have it any other way!

Our Location

Contact info

1010 Taylor Station Road, Suite E
Columbus, OH 43230

Phone: (614) 310-1300
TOLL FREE! (877) 258-7800

(614) 310-1300