Your message won’t get lost in translation

We live in a world without borders, where English isn’t necessarily the first language of your audience. We can help you make contact with whatever demographic you are trying to reach.

The most common translation request these days is to translate an English-language program into Spanish. This is a snap because we do it all the time. But suppose you want to reach another growing audience that’s not as common. It’s still no problem for us to fill that request. We have solid resources and lots of contacts. We can get your job done, no matter what the language.

You deserve to know that when we’re translating your project, we’ve done it right. We employ highly skilled native speakers to do our translations so we won’t have any embarrassing errors.


Your project on paper, word for word

So you just back from the perfect location shoot and you have hours of great footage but need to find only one small sound bite. You could spend hours combing through the footage shuttling back and forth, or you could have us make a transcript for you. Transcripts are verbatim textual copies of the spoken word. Transcripts can be used for closed captioning, subtitling, producer’s notes and even a value added service to your viewers.

We offer full transcription services, either included with your captioning or subtitling job, or as an independent project.

Transcription is simply our writers taking your spoken words and putting them down on paper.

We are precise and thorough, and we research for accuracy. We also use the power of the human ear. We don’t rely on voice recognition technology because it’s only viable in very limited cases, and at best, it’s rarely accurate.

We don’t subcontract our English transcription projects overseas. Did your speaker say y’all, as in “you all,” or was he referring to a yawl, the two-­masted sailing vessel? By using context a machine can’t understand, and by matching your project with a transcriptionist from your region, we make sure the local color and the true meaning aren’t misunderstood.

Perfect Captions. On time. Every time. If you’re not thrilled with our service, we won’t expect you to pay. We’ll refund 100% of every penny paid AND pay our competitor to complete the project for you. No fine print, no hassles, no questions asked. That’s our promise and your guarantee.

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