We live in an age where sharing digital media is the norm. So isn’t it surprising how much time and money producers waste shipping tape dubs to TV stations? That’s why we invented StationDrop, the digital breakthrough you’ve been waiting for. StationDrop delivers full-length television programming electronically over the internet to the station quickly, securely and with the highest digital quality.

Digital delivery raises your bottom line—bigtime! StationDrop saves you money because you no longer need to pay for videotapes, tape recorders, staff time, and of course shipping. Delivering tapes the old-fashioned way costs an arm and a leg! StationDrop delivers digitally, so it’s faster and easier on your budget.

Overnight shipping services are fast, but StationDrop is faster. With multiple large internet connections, StationDrop is fast enough to receive and deliver hundreds of TV programs at one time. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about weather delays or mis-routed packages.

Delivering to the TV station is more than just exporting a file from an edit suite. Different stations specify different formats. They require closed captions and compliance to a strict set of broadcast standards. StationDrop is built for broadcast, and can encode hundreds of codec and wrapper combinations. We specialize in making closed captions and we leverage the latest in file encoding technology.

Simply drop your file on the StationDrop icon and we will take care of the rest. Closed captioning, HD/SD conversions, and phone number versioning are no longer something you have to worry about. Do yourself a favor and use StationDrop. Contact us to get started.



Drag & Drop

Closed Captions



Format Conversion

The process

Export your mastered program from your edit system timeline.

Drop the mastered program file onto the StationDrop icon. Your file will be transferred securely over the Internet using proprietary file-transfer acceleration.

CaptionLabs transcribes your program and creates closed captions to match.

Your program is transcoded to station-specific formats, quality checked, and delivered to the TV station, ready for broadcast.


The Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act (CALM Act) is part of an effort to keep all TV programming at the same volume. Many stations reject programming with audio that is too loud or too soft. But many edit systems cannot measure the perceived volume required by stations. StationDrop utilizes advanced audio analyzers to keep programs within CALM ACT specifications.


Moving large video files requires a special infostructure that is built to be fast, secure and reliable. FTP transfers are vulnerable to disruptions and system slow-downs, but StationDrop’s UDP technology works smarter. It manages bandwidth better, resulting in faster, error-free transfers with automatic file retry and resume.

File Formats

TV stations often use file formats or images sizes that aren’t readily available in the edit suite. StationDrop was designed to transcode complex formats like .GXF, .LXF, .TS, .TRP and .MXF, independently for each station. By delivering files in station-native formats, your program quality stays high and the stress on your production team stays low.


Looking for a hands-on solution? eCaptioning is a completely digital process that allows captions to be delivered to your edit system. It gives you more control and provides all of the same quality and accuracy of the CaptionLabs team, without lead time and shipping costs associated with tape dubs.

Simply create a small reference file and upload it to CaptionLabs. We’ll transcribe the audio and send perfect captions to your email. Drop the captions directly into your edit timeline, and output your video. eCaptioning keep you in control, makes your job easier and saves you money.

No Generation Loss

Edit Suite Versatility

Fast Turnaround


The process

Create a small digital reference file of your video.

Send your video file to CaptionLabs using our upload tool.

We create the captions and email you the closed caption file.

Import the CC file into your edit suite and export to tape with closed captions.


Add Captions in Adobe Premiere Pro

eCaptioning Datasheet

Add Captions in Final Cut Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro makes adding closed captions to your video an easy, electronic process. This FREE guide will show you how to add captions in five easy steps.


eCaptioning is a cinch! Send us a proxy video and we’ll send you an eCaption file. You can import it directly into your edit system, giving you full control of your end product.


Learn how to add closed captions in Final Cut Pro 7 in just five easy steps. Don’t stress out about closed captions—receive your FREE instructional guide today!


Physical Media


Our production department and staff of engineers know a lot about tape. Whether you have a single tape that needs captions or you require hundreds of copies for mass distribution, look no further than CaptionLabs. Our triple check quality assurance process, backed by our 100% Caption Guarantee, gives you the peace of mind of knowing your master and dubs are in good hands.


Some DVD or Blu-ray projects require an extra touch of detail. Our production department is not only familiar with creating stellar multi-language subtitles, but we also are disc architects. Our state of the art facility is equipped for encoding, conversion and duplication jobs. We can design your disc with simple menus or complex navigation, including subtitle options and audio in different languages. And when it comes to distribution, our full-service duplication center will have your project ready for the masses and looking great.


Benefits of the Lab


Shipping Discounts

Quality Assurance

Popular Formats


Webcasting Services

Internet video streaming can be complicated and scary when your message is on the line. While many providers exist to provide one specific piece to your overall webcasting solution, few companies can provide a complete turnkey solution. We do just that.

We’ve got you covered with everything you need—the equipment, personnel and on-site support to ensure your message is delivered flawlessly to your viewers. We can moderate live chat, webcast a video stream, and even display presentations.

We service:

  • Corporate Meetings
  • Government Proceedings
  • Live Events
  • Faith-Based Events
  • Satellite Simulcasts

Delivery Network

Organizations worldwide have adopted webcasting as the preferred method of communication. Streaming your message to the world has never been easier or more affordable than now; however, having the right partner is key.

Our global content delivery network is designed with reliability and quality of service in mind. How can we support your 50,000 viewers around the global without excessive buffering choppiness? Here’s how—we deliver content to your viewer at the closest possible geographic point of presence to our network. Through carefully selected partners, we deliver our content outside of the Internet through a global fiber optic network, directly to regions of the country or global location where your viewers reside. This allows the least possible amount of latency and provides results that Fortune 500 companies count on.

We make it simple. There will be no hosting issues or weird linking and http-backslash stuff to worry about. You hold the meeting or event, and we’ll do the rest. Viewers thousands of miles away will feel like they’re right there in the room with you.

Perfect Captions. On time. Every time. If you’re not thrilled with our service, we won’t expect you to pay. We’ll refund 100% of every penny paid AND pay our competitor to complete the project for you. No fine print, no hassles, no questions asked. That’s our promise and your guarantee.

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