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About CaptionLabs

“CaptionLabs has an unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction. In the captioning industry, this means the accuracy of our deliverables is a benchmark that sets us apart from competitors. CaptionLabs is proud of our 99.9% accuracy rating. We hire the best captioners in the industry — and if you’re a champion, we’d like you to join our team.”

Jake Drown, Vice-President

CaptionLabs was created in 2005 to develop a closed captioning solution that is high quality, fast and affordable. Each year, we caption thousands of hours of religious broadcasts, government meetings, television shows, webcasts, music videos, commercials and infomercials. We offer tailored services designed for the client’s individual needs, for organizations both big and small.

Our goal is to help make all forms of media accessible to everyone, in every walk of life. We develop our own software, proprietary systems and processes, a practice which allows us to remain innovative and to stay at the head of the field.

Our captioning facility, known as “The Lab,” is located in Tampa, FL. Our dedicated team of professionals is focused on one goal – providing quick, seamless service for clients around the globe.

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