What is closed captioning?

Who uses closed captions?

Man or machine, who transcribes?

Can I create captions myself?

Do I have to close caption my media?

What’s the difference between subtitles and closed captions?

What’s the difference between pop-on and roll-up captions?

Can LIVE (online) captions be used for pre-recorded programs?

How can I file a closed captioning complaint?

Can you use my transcript?

What is the accuracy of your captions?

How do I know what captioning file I want?

File or tape -- which do you deliver?

What file do you need to create captions?

What is StationDrop?

Are you able to convert between formats?

Can you deliver to multiple TV stations?

How will I know if my program made it to you and then the Station?

What is Line 21?

What is VANC Line 9?


Add Captions in Adobe Premiere Pro

eCaptioning Datasheet

Add Captions in Final Cut Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro makes adding closed captions to your video an easy, electronic process. This FREE guide will show you how to add captions in five easy steps.

eCaptioning is a cinch! Send us a proxy video and we’ll send you an eCaption file. You can import it directly into your edit system, giving you full control of your end product.

Learn how to add closed captions in Final Cut Pro 7 in just five easy steps. Don’t stress out about closed captions—receive your FREE instructional guide today!


IP Captioning Guide

Take a look at our list of file and tape deliverables. Thanks to our state of the art transcoding systems, we can send and receive just about any file or tape.

Is your program delivered via internet protocol (IP)? Find out whether or not FCC internet captioning rules apply to you.

Video Samples

Online (LIVE)

Offline POP ON

Offline ROLL UP


SPANISH Subtitles

ENGLISH Subtitles

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